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Parking your vehicle: Finding parking garages, spaces, or lots in and around cities, towns, and (e.g airports) can often be a challenge, to help with that we have come up with the following links and resources. Please visit our new Parking your vehicle portion of our Roadways - Traffic and Travel section by clicking on the link above. November 8th 2011


Our Roadways - Traffic and Travel section has been updated once again to bring you additional traffic status, international roadway links and systems (e.g Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, and more). Look for the updates noted by (*) in the enhanced Road and Highway Links - (Maps, Links, Etc) section of this page by clicking on the links above. February 11th 2010


Our Airport Locator, Flight Information, and Airport Transportation sections have each been updated to bring you additional links and practical information. Come check them out by clicking on the links above. January 19th 2009 updated links


Our Roadways - Traffic and Travel section has recently been updated to bring you the latest in Roadway Traffic Conditions, Maps (Domestic & International), Search Tools, and more. Check out our enhanced Roadways Traffic and Travel section of this page by clicking on the links above. June 18th 2009

Did you wonder what the electric requirements in other countries you were going to were so you could bring your laptop adapter, cell phone adapter/charger, etc and wanted to know if you needed an adapter? Learn more by visiting the Travel and Electric Requirements Section below. October 14th 2008

Learn More About Travel Search Engines and how Travel Search Engines Work by visiting the Discount Travel Search Engine Facts portion of our Discount Travel Section below. October 3rd 2008

Customer Service Telephone Shortcuts & Bypasses: Tired of being routed around company customer service centers and their phone systems? Want to speed things up? Try these! Gethuman 500 Database, and * What To Press look up Airlines, etc. Click on any of the the links here or go to the Customer Service  Telephone Shortcuts & Bypasses portion of our Useful Travel Links Section below. October 2nd 2008


Locate Airline telephone numbers and websites fast. Click here and go to the World Airlines & Carriers - Links section of this page. September 29th 2008


World Airport Locate Airport Details by: Country Name, Country Abbreviation, Country Code, Airport name, City, find out distances between airports and more. Click here or go to the Locate Airports around the World section of this page. September 19th 2008

Seat Guru - See what others have to say about seat locations on major airlines economy, business class, and first class (good, warnings, bad seating etc), Mining for Cheap Flights A very good Technology Review Article - March 28th 2007, Farecast A website that advises a visitor whether to buy a given ticket immediately or wait,  and Kayak Displays the best ticket prices found by Kayak users over a two-day period. Click here on any of the links above or on the links below in our World Airlines Links section of this page. April 10th 2008


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Need help figuring what to tip a server, waiter, bartender, bay sitter, valet, etc? Visit Docs Tipping Guides
page for information on who and what to tip, informative links and other articles related to the subject.

Useful Travel Links:

* CNTraveler Tool Kit
Convert Temperatures - Currencies - Distances - Weights -  Shoe Sizes
Clothes Sizes - Clock Time, etc.

See our
Other Useful Links Section below as well.

* Customer Service - Telephone
Shortcuts & Bypasses:

Tired of being routed around company customer service phone systems?
Want to speed things up? Try these - Look up Airlines !
Gethuman 500 Database
See the tips section here also
* What To Press

Locate Airports Around the World
Need to know more information about an airport, areas and services around, phone numbers, airlines, transportation, etc?


* World Airports
(For a list of world airports and page links around the world)

* World Airport
(Airport Details by Country Name, Abbreviation, Country Code, Airport name, City, etc)

Wikipedia - List of Airports by Country

* - World Airlines and Airport

What to Press - World Airport Codes
World Airport Codes/Abbreviations and Website Links plus TSA (security) wait times
(World airport links around the world)

MASSPORT (Logan, Worc, Manchester, TF Green,Logan Express)

Parking & Car Rentals at Airports:
Parking and Car Rental information can often be found directly on airport websites (above) here.
Please see our Car Rental section below as well for further info on car rentals.

* Parking Carma
ParkingCarma’s innovative SmartParking technology allows drivers
to determine the real-time availability of parking spaces to a city or town they
are going from their cars, homes or offices.

Parkopedia combines the two concepts in order to allow people to find the cheapest
and most convenient parking available, no matter where they are or where they are going.
 Our crazy-about-parking (or maybe crazy-about-not-getting-parking-tickets!) users contribute
information about street parking, parking meters, garages and even private driveways
 that are for rent. We then apply a bit of magic and show you the closest
 and cheapest available parking in your chosen area on the dates you have selected.
 We now have over 15 million parking spots listed and the number is growing every day!

- Search for 'Find Parking'  links

Other Means of Transit (to and from) the Airport:

For mass transit - Buses, Trains, Subways - Click here and view our
Subway - Trains - Motor Coach Bus & Mass Transit System section below.

For Airport Shuttles and Limousines - Click here and view our
Airport Shuttle and Limousine Services section below.

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Flight Information and Flight Status - Tracking Links

One of the best sources of Flight Departure/Arrival information is the airlines
themselves and/or the airports where accurate real-time information can be
found. Locate airlines by using the World Airlines and Carrier Links section
below, locate Airports Around the World in the section above, or try
any of the useful Flight Information and Flight Tracking links below.


Areoseek - Graphical, text, google earth
FAA - Flight Delay Information by Airport/Region
FAA - Arrival/Departure Demand Charts by Airport
(See current Arrival/Demand/Cancellation Loads etc by airport)
FBO Web - Flight Tracker (very real time)
(integrates nicely with google earth also)
Flight (Live) - Live Flight Tracking Info. (Arrivals/Departures/and more)
FlightAware - Up to Date Flight Tracker Info.
FlyteComm - Live Flight Tracking Info
Yahoo - Flight Status Check

* Note: Typing the airline name and the flight number in a google search gives
you flight information at the top of the search results page as well. See
Doc's Google
Flight Status
Search below.

- Search for 'Live Flight Tracking'  links
(Listen to Live Air Traffic Controllers from around the World)
Live-ATC.Net (World Map) Beta
(View Live Traffic of a range of airports - Airport/Monitor Sites)

Futura Studios
(Good Aviation links, flight data, webcams, etc)

Need a Flight Status For Today Now? - Try This

Doc Dingley's - Airline Flight Status Query Worldwide ! ©

Enter the name of an Airline and the Flight Number you are searching for: (e.g  American [space] 5678, etc).



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World Airlines & Carriers Links

Listings of Word Airlines & Carriers:
* SKYTRAX - World Airline Links (almost all of them)'s - World Airline links
* - World Airlines and Airport


Airline Contacts - Phone Numbers:
* - Airline Phone Numbers (most airlines)
What to Press - Airline Toll-Free Numbers and Website (Shortcuts)

*Note many airports websites list this information as well, see our
Airports Around the World section above for details.

Airline Tickets:


Buying Airline Tickets!

Note, Often tickets sold on discounts services, airlines etc will quote or post the prices so appealing, eye catching, attention grabbing prices are in BOLD print on your screen. Understand when you see these whether or not the prices include all the taxes & fees that the service or airline provides, what  denomination or currency the price is in ($USD etc), whether the tickets are e-tickets v.s mailed, have any restrictions (such as penalties imposed if you cancel them, whether they are transferable, have date restrictions, and whether or not seat the selections are confirmed and have been assigned. Most agencies will indicate that seat assignments will be made at the time of check in. In actuality the airlines reserve at least qty-12 seats or so in order to accommodate last minute situations which may and most often will include desirable seats. Another tactic which seems to have subsided somewhat is over booking which means you may have believed you purchased a confirmed ticket but may have actually acquired a standby ticket (voucher) when you made your purchase. This was usually the bargain fare discount tickets, much of these practices seem to have gotten better in recent years but when in doubt call and ask before committing. This is why it is so important for us all as consumers to support and lend a hand to the Airlines Consumer Bill of Rights (e.g ASTA, JetBlue, Google Search - 'Airline consumer bill of rights' or Airline passenger bill of rights').

Other things you should be aware of when seeking out air fares: Understand the tighter times you impose in your scheduling booking airfares (e.g - desired times arriving/leaving, dates (holiday seasons, popular dates) and how close to your actual trip you make the reservations (last minute, 1-2 weeks, couple days etc), the number of stops or transfers acceptable, flight class (Economy, Business, First Class, etc) the more likely the air fair price of being higher. Often the prices will change by the hour, and which times and days of the week you make your flights for (Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun), also the days when they are made (Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun) can make a difference this fluctuates however. Checkout some of the sites like Farecast below to see what trends may be developing. Finally as if all this isn't confusing check directly with the airlines themselves. Although most of the fairs quoted from discount services are real time polls from the airlines themselves sometimes the airlines will offer specials for times they know are not normally popular.


Speeding things up at the airport
Boarding Passes - Have an E-Ticket?

 The night before or day of your flight get (print) your boarding passes at home and save time at the airport, even saves time for checking bags simply by using the kiosks in front of the airline terminals. Puts you in front of the queue of others wishing to obtain boarding passes and check luggage (that long line you see at the airport terminals). Go to the kiosk, enter your e-ticket or wave the barcode of your boarding pass, confirm the information, enter the number of bags to check (if any), if you did not have a boarding pass one will print out for you. If you have bags to check there may be one or two people ahead of you waiting around the kiosk facing the the counters and you will shortly hear your name called to proceed to the counter, easy haa!. If your not checking bags and have your boarding pass now you can proceed right the gate and to security (TSA).  P.S - Make sure your boarding pass and a form of identification (passport) is readily present to speed up your pass through TSA.

Useful Seating/Ticketing/Price Tips:

Seat Guru
Discover good, bad seating on major airlines as rated by other fellow travelers

Mining for Cheap Flights
Read This Very Good Article in Technology Review - March 28th 2007

A website that advises a visitor whether to buy a given ticket immediately or wait .

Displays the best ticket prices found by Kayak users over a two-day period

*See also Discount Travel Services below for details

Practical Aircraft Data Facts

*Note this data can often be found on most major airlines websites when making
or booking flights (seating etc). Many aircraft come in a variety of models/styles and are
configured differently for specific airline carriers sometimes. For that reason we suggest
going to the airline carriers websites themselves for  details. The section above
Useful Seating/Ticketing/Price Tips also provides great information
and inside tips on seating as well. The following provides handy information
of aircraft types and models for things such as layouts, history, photo's, capacities, etc. - Aircraft Data



Hotel Links - Around the World
(In Process)

* - Major Name/World Hotel Links
Trip Advisor
Get Advice from more than 15 Million real travelers from 190 countries

* Wikipedia - 'Resorts'
History, Types (Destination, Historical, Inclusive, Spa, Golf, Ski, Seaside, Luxury), and more

**See our Discount Travel Services section below also

* Note: If your looking for Theme Parks, Casino's, and Places to Visit
 click here and visit our Entertainment page

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Cruise Line Links:

Major Cruise Line Services
Royal Caribbean
Holland America
Cunard -- (e.g QueenMary-II)

Travel Services Associated with Cruising
*See also Discount Travel Services below for details

International Council of Cruise Lines - Tips Reports etc
Waterways forming crossings of the Atlantic Intercostal Waterway
Waterways forming crossings of the Gulf Intercostal Waterway

- Search for 'Cruise Lines'

*See also Discount Travel Services (below)

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Car Rental Links:


Major Services

Alamo    Avis    Budget    Dollar
Enterprise    National    Hertz    Thrifty

--more coming--

Yahoo - Car Rentals

* Note, Many times car rental information and arrangements can be found at Airports and their
websites, taken care of via Discount Travel Services, or through Hotels as well.

Try This - Looking for local results for car rentals?


News results for Car Rental

- Search for 'Car Rentals'

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Roadways - Traffic & Travel

 Road / Highway Traffic Conditions:

* Did you know ?

Most Map Sites on the Internet also show Gas/Lodging/Food/Traffic Conditions (e.g Yahoo Maps, MapQuest, etc)? Please see the Map Sites Section on our Main Links Page for MAP & Directions Sites, etc or the Highway Links Section below for details. This also holds true for GPS Navigation Systems as well.


**Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth: Provide real-time traffic information status for many areas. Google Earth we feel is one of the best. In Google Earth go to the Layers Section (lower Left menu) Turn on the Traffic layer. High Speed Internet Access is preferred to use this feature, you will see current traffic conditions in green, yellow, red, and black, you can even see what direction the problems may be occurring. Unfortunately you may not be able to determine the causes of traffics delays or lock-ups but you can use other sources to determine that, best of all Google Earth (down load here) works on both PC's/Laptops, and Phones. See the Google Earth Users Guide for details.

Google Maps for Mobile - Use Google Maps on your phone, find maps, driving directions, business listings, transit locations, street views, and real-time traffic conditions.

Some newer GPS Navigation Systems are now equipped to show real-time Traffic Conditions on the main map display. Check with your local retailer/merchant or manufacturer if your buying a new system to see if it supports the traffic reporting feature and if there is a cost associated (monthly charge etc) to have this.

Dial 511 (see below) - Is probably your best bet if your on the road and in traffic for more current/real-time information.

TV and Radio - Besides Internet Map Sites, often Local News Services TV and Radio Stations provide traffic condition reports for your area, there may be some delay in conditions reported based on sources and when the road system you are interested in gets reported.

Update (June 2009) - Beware it has been observed there may be some delay in actual traffic conditions reported on a number of the Road Traffic Condition websites as well especially in more rural areas

You can help report Traffic Conditions, call 511 and other traffic sources, news agency's (TV, Radio, etc) and report a current traffic conditions, accidents, delays, etc. This will assist others and expedite the updating of these services since a number of these services are now interconnected.

(Real-Time) = Defined as Actual or close to current road/traffic conditions presently happening.

Road / Highway Traffic Condition Sites:

Renamed 11-02-09 MASS TURNPIKE Authority Homepage (I-90)
MASS DOT Highway New Name - Site
MASS DOT Highway - Road Conditions
** - Traffic Conditions (Live)
Live Traffic Conditions, Traffic by Route, More Traffic Links

Domestic U.S
Google Maps - Traffic
* US Road
* - Traffic Reports

* * SigAlert
A source for many road traffic sources along with Google
*Smart Traveler - Roadway Traffic Info
* Smart Traveler - Info

More specific city/region detail
Instant reports by city/region detail
* The Weather Channel Traffic Reports
Live Traffic and commute forecast by city/region detail, try countries as well
**Yahoo - Traffic Updated
Enter a zip code, location, etc. Click on Get Map, then click on View Traffic on Map link,
hover your mouse over a traffic condition or click on the condition for more info.


** 511 - What is It ?
"511" is a single traffic information telephone number  made available
to states and local jurisdictions across the United States.

Most States now support 511 for Highway Information,
Dial 511 from your cell phone and enter a roadway
desired when prompted for current conditions for that road.

UK Yahoo - Traffic
Conditions in UK
Traffic cameras worldwide
Traffic Reports, Maps, Roadside Sites, Weather, more

- Search for  'Live Traffic Conditions'

Need Traffic Condition Status? - Try This !

Doc Dingley's - Google Traffic/Road Conditions Search Worldwide ! ©

Enter the name of a town and state, or country (e.g  Boston, MA, London UK, Rome IT, etc) to search for,
or enter the name of a Roadway or Highway (e.g  I-90, Mass Pike, Route, New Jersey turnpike etc) to search for.




  new updates!
Road and Highway Links (Maps, Links, Etc):

Roadway definitions and terms:

Wikipedia - Roadway Networks
Road terms, definitions, signage, driving differences between countries, etc
* Wikipedia - Toll Roads around the world

* * Wikipedia - List of Roads and Highways
Of at least 47 Countries around the world!
updated & corrected links

Domestic U.S Roadways: - Links to most US State Highways
Link's to all 50 U.S State - Official Websites
US DOT - All 50 State DOT Websites
US DOT - Nat'l Traffic & Road Closure Information
Mass (DOT) Highway Department
Updated MA DOT 12-12-09
Wikipedia - List of U.S Interstate Highways
Wikipedia - List of U.S Routes
Wikipedia - List of U.S State Highways
Wikipedia - Alaska Highway

International Roadways:

UK Motorways
Australia Highways
Wikipedia - The International E-Road Network
The international E-road network is a numbering system for roads in Europe developed by
the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

Wikipedia - European Long Distance Paths (Roads)
List of all 11 European long-distance paths E1-E11
Wikipedia - Pan-European Corridors
Wikipedia - Asian Highway Network
Wikipedia - Trans African Highway Network
Wikipedia - Interoceanic or Trans-Oceanic Highway Network
Is an international, transcontinental highway in Peru and Brazil that is under construction
Description of world road numbering systems, colors, etc

Need a Map? - Try This !

Doc Dingley's - Road Maps for Countries and States Search Worldwide ! ©

Enter the name of a town and state or country
(e.g  Boston, MA - London UK - Rome IT etc) to search.



Road Tunnels Etc:

Netherland NL Tunnels
New Zealand NZ Tunnels
United States Tunnels
UK Tunnels

Wikipedia List of Tunnels by Location

Bridges Etc:

List of Bridges in the UK
List of Bridges in the U.S

Road Services:
*Note some highway systems have emergency road services or sponsored services available
such as Road Samaritan's, Mass Hi-Way Road Service Etc.

AAA - Auto Club - U.S

* Parking your vehicle:
Finding parking garages, spaces, or lots in and around cities, towns, and e.g airports can
often be a challenge, to help with that we have come up with the following links and resources.

Parking and Car Rental information can often be found directly at airports,
please click (here) to see a list of useful airport websites.

Other parking websites
ParkingCarma’s innovative SmartParking technology allows drivers
to determine the real-time availability of parking spaces to a city or town they
are going from their cars, homes or offices.

- Search for 'Find Parking'  links

-more coming-

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*Gasoline - Related Issues:
Clock Equals: 2 0 1 3 It's Going Up Again !

We added this section back in 2005
It's been and continues to be such a hot topic we had to continue to do something here !

Read this very interesting and enlightening email from Doc Dingley
 to TashaH. and friends in response to the topic of 'Gas websites, etc'...
*** Doc's Letter ***

Re:Cool Gas Site Letter
 (click here to read the correspondence)

** NewPaper Article: 'Pump It In, and Rip Yourself Off' **
by Peter Reuell - Staff Writer for the Metrowest Daily News
A Herald Newspaper Paper
July 28th 2006
Click above and read this wonderfully humorous written but fact filled piece on
what your currently paying for Gas and what the Big Oil Companies are pulling in $$Big$$

There are an ever growing number of Gas Tracking sites now on the Internet.
Contributors like yourselves (the public) are helping to keep these tracking's
up to date and show trends. So far the US and Canada have been some of
the best data thus far for the general public (e.g &

Hedge Funds, Commodities, and Gas Prices?
 ** Important Update News: 08/29/2008 Prof D.

You may say what does Hedge Funds, Commodities, Speculators and investments have to do with
soaring gas prices? A lot ! - Click on the link below and find out about recent (May 2008)
US Senate hearings with Investment firms as to the rising prices of Oil/Crude/Gasoline.

Money.Cnn - Senate takes on commodities speculators - May. 20, 2008
NYTimes - Speculators Under Scrutiny in Commodities Markets - June 6, 2008

Click Here for many more stories related to this subject:
- Search for 'Gas Prices senate hearings hedge funds speculators' in Google

Oil Prices Today after Economic Recession/Crises and Oil/Hedge Fund Inquiries !
10/23/2008 Prof D.

After the Senate hearings you may say what how much effect could that have had?
You could even say no it's the economy, but they are related folks. The rising cost of fuel, fueled
the rise of countless other products and industries claiming that is/was a part of the reason as to why
 they had/have to raise their prices. OK benefit of the doubt in part that factored with the
down turn of the economy had something to do with it, but wait a minute their were claiming it had
something to do with rising fuel costs a catch-22 don't you think?

What does it all mean !
Oil today has fallen from $149-$159/Barrel to $69/Barrel (about right or slightly
still higher than what it should be according to the analysts). That means at the pump
in the US prices went from $4.25/gal down to $2.69/gal. That helps and there
are year end record profits even over last year being reported by the oil
companies (while the rest of the worlds economy is still in crises). Lets
not all forget that some of you will get hurt in this since maybe your retirement
fund managers were into commodities like Oil and other market investors
(e.g personal, endowments by colleges, etc) put a stake into this market. It's a
quanundrum and double sword for some people. On the one hand 'Yay'
prices are coming down, on the other hand 'Oh No - I just lost a fortune in
my stocks'. There is no easy answer folks, part of it as they say means
not having all your eggs in one basket, having the ability to be patient and
hopefully ride it out, and being diligent with your portfolio/investments if
you have them. Can't have it both ways I'm afraid, that old phrase can't
expect to get rich quick has an old familiar ring, at least for some and if
people keep their heads and unite together there can and will be justice or
at least some relief.

We could all sit here and point fingers politically and in private industry. Maybe
some should have stood up earlier, maybe we and industry should have as well.
But our hope is the recent sharp decline in oil prices will just as quickly have a
swift reduction in levied costs we are facing now with other products
and services without resulting in further economic collapse and/or failure
of those industries (please no more bailouts banks, car mfgrs, airlines, etc).
It's time and has been to be perhaps more prudent and astute while we
all go forward (tightening, planning, spending, innovative, etc) in our
daily lives and in business. Be more patient and helpful to others, think about
 what your planning for or doing, sit down and talk to each other, and others.

To get back to those days of innovation where new ideas, breakthroughs,
goals and objectives were being made with excitement. Yes profits were being made,
things might have been more affordable, and people were being more pleasant to one
another without outlandish profits and greed (in a great number of industries not just oil
don't let them kid you) were being made at the expense of the rest mankind and the world
(see what happens - that's just what grandma used to tell you). 

(See our related story above)
Airlines the cost of doing business - Charge for everything

Older News

A Plea for all Gas Users (National and International) for Prices !!!
(updated 05-19-2008)
OK most all of you have heard it and been impacted,
sure there is things you can all do to conserve and help as well.
It's getting a bit more than insane and beyond ridiculous,
almost every industry worldwide (e.g food, services, utilities, etc)
are using fuel increase costs to justify outrageous
and absurd product or service price increases (30-40-60%).

While we recognize the need for businesses to be able to succeed
and survive it's simply demolishing or worlds economies, businesses,
and peoples lives worldwide. Is it a fanatic terrorist type scheme and plot
or insensible ravenousness greed for profit by a limited number of persons
whom most of the world will never know?

There are other alternatives (not just fuel) but they may and usually
have been found to take a long time to implement, may be impeded, or
meet with much debate before becoming reality.

 You Can HELP !
Doc is encouraging folks with other known international websites related to fuel prices
to let us know so we can contribute, share and help communicate with folks worldwide,
as well as media sources to what's going on in the rest of the world.
If you know of any such sites or lists, please let us know. We'll do our best to get
them listed here as soon as we can. Also please let some of the other website masters
(for example & know and possibly they
will expand to include more geographical areas around the world such as yours.
You can send info to the team by emailing

Other than everyone switching over to use other alternatives at once, fuel
conservation measures, fuel strikes (that would take everyone consumers, airlines,
freight carriers, travel industry, cruise lines, etc to have an impact) this is
one way to help share what's happening around the planet. Let us know and the other
sites as well as any stories you've heard from the field, refineries, businesses etc.
We'll do or best to get to pass the information along to hopefully the right sources

Want to help stop the insanity, insensible ravenousness super greed for profit ?
(it's a few number of individuals, not countries responsible for this) then get

** Do you know or suspect places (stations/corporations) of
Price-Gauging and Price Fixing ?

The U.S Department of Energy is very concerned about the impact
of gasoline prices on families. If you believe there may be price-gouging,
or price fixing, please contact your local authorities, district attorney's,
and fill out the form on the U.S Department of Energy's
'Gas Price Watch Reporting Form' Page below here. - DOE Gas Price Watch Reporting Form

Also be a helpful to other consumers, report current price information
from stations where you have filled up, suspected price-gauging,
price fixing etc to one or more of the websites listed below and to
local news media/stations/newspapers in your area. It's not that hard
and they will listen (it's a really-really hot topic now).

Use Doc Dingley's Main Links Page (Papers / Magazines / Television)
to locate local news papers, Magazines, and News Stations in your area.
Get involved by spreading the word through these tools of communications.

Useful Informative Sites
View - Add - Information Lookup FAQ - Reporting

Android Gas Apps
* Android Playstore - Gas Price Apps

Apple IOS Gas Apps
Note: Because of the nature of iTunes making it difficult
to show all iPhone Gas finder Apps at once we suggest using this. - Top 5 Gas Station Finder Apps for iPhone

Massachusetts Gas (All the Nation and much more)
View and Add gas prices, part of Gas network

U.S National Gas Prices Map (Nationwide) up to the minute

Canadian Gas Prices Map (Nationwide) up to the minute

* Gas (US and Canada)
View and Add gas prices - A Network of 181 local gas price websites U.S and Canada

Gas (Spotter Registration)
Gas Price Spotters needed, prizes available

Gas Price

Everyday Gas Station Prices
Via OPIS, obtains pricing data from participating credit card transactions

Worcester, MA Gas

Gas Prices - via Fuel
(Locate by state/city, etc)
Oil Price Information Network - Gas, Diesel, Crude, Jet Fuel inside information
Used by MSN, MapQuest, AAA, Garmin, and numerous competitive retail sources
 OPIS obtains pricing data from participating credit card transactions among other tools

Fuel - Frequently Asked Questions
(Price Breakdown, Nat'l Avg, History, Outlook, Reformulated Gasoline)

US Dept of Energy - Retail Gasoline Facts
(Detailed information, historical data, gas reformulation reports, definitions etc)

US Dept of Energy - Petroleum Facts
(Information on petroleum such as crude, gasoline, home heating oil, current prices, reports, definitions etc)

Proposed GAS WAR (Article) -

Why a Gas Strike Might Not Work via Walk on Mypath Blog
(One Article but a good one which references to the economics, structures, etc)
GAS (News) in Yahoo News

EIA - Country and OPEC Analysis Briefs
EIA Energy Information Agency (part of the Dept of Energy)

OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Official Website - News, Facts, Oil Prices, Production
Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar,
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela

- Search for 'Gas Prices' in Google News

Fuel Home Heating OIL Prices

NewEngland Oil
See listing for a number of heating oil delivery companies

- Search for 'Fuel Oil' in Google News


Subway - Train - Motor Coach/Bus
& Mass Transit System Links:

Worldwide Subway System Links:


The Subway
The Subway Page
Wikipedia List of Metro Systems by Country

Subway & Mass Transit (by Specific City) Links
 which usually include bus services as well:

Bath UK - Bus Routes
Bologna IT - ATC
* Boston MA - MBTA
London UK - The Tube (Official Site)
London UK Underground (the Tube) via Wikipedia
First Group Transit Service - Most of UK
Los Angeles - Metro
Montreal Canada - STM Metro
New York City - MTA
Paris FR - MRERT
San Francisco CA - BART
Toronto Canada - TTA
Washington DC - METRO

Train System (National and International) Links:


Amtrack - Reservations/Schedules/Etc
Around the World with High Speed Rails
Melbourne Australia Railway Stations
TravelNotes - Travel the world by Rail
The Orient Express Ltd - World Tours
National Rail Service - United Kingdom
List of Railway Stations in the UK
BootsnAll Travel - Train Links

Motor Coach / Bus System - Links:


The Bus Station - Worldwide

(Bus, coach, trolley, and transit links worldwide)

* Bologna IT - ATC
First Group Bus Service Most of UK
Greyhound (US and Canada)
Peter Pan Bus Lines

Boston MA - MBTA
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
* Logan Express
(Massport Bus Transportation to/from Logan Airport Boston from surrounding communities)

BootsnAll Travel - Bus/Coach Links

- Search for  'Bus Companies'
- Search for  'Bus Stations'

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Fastlane and E-ZPass Highway
Traffic Monitoring Automated Toll Collection Systems

Quick/Easy Automated Traffic Toll Collection Systems - Used in over 10 US States
and other nations.


 * Wikipedia - Electronic Toll Collection Systems
** Wikipedia - List of Electronic Toll Collection Systems (World Wide)

* Wikipedia - EZ-Pass
An explanation of the system, States involved, etc

United States
MASS Fastlane Program Updated MA DOT 12-12-09
Fastlane FAQs where can you use Updated MA DOT 12-12-09

EZ-Pass Program
EZ-Pass Links (participating states)

See Wikipedia List of Electronic Toll Collection Systems (Worldwide) above for a more complete list !



Airport Transportation
(Airport Shuttle, Taxi, and Limousine Services)

Information for these services can usually be found online, on airport websites (see above) ,
and at the airports themselves. Meanwhile here are some useful links to help assists you.


Airport Shuttle Services

Local - Massachusetts
Knights Airport Limousine Service
Worcester Airport Limousine Service
Zebra Shuttle Airport Service

Logan Express
(Massport Bus Transportation to/from Logan Airport Boston from surrounding communities)

Airport Transportation Services
National Toll Free - Airport Transportation Service by State
City Nearby - Airport Shuttles by State (U.S)

Limo Services - Limousine Transportation Services by State and by Country

* new Taxi Services
Info Taxi - Worldwide
Taxi Help - Worldwide

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Travel Safety and Advisories:

* U.S Department of States - Travel State gov

U.S Department of Homeland Security - Travel Security and Procedures

The United Nations

Global Busn Resources
World Travel Advisories as reported by countries

* BootsnAll Travels - Round the World Travel Guide: RTW Safety
"Travel Warnings versus Travel Advisories - Know the difference between government-issued
Travel Warnings and Travel Advisories/Public Announcements. If you travel to a county where
a travel warning is in place, your embassy may not be required to help you."

Useful - Travel Health & Travel Tips Links:

We strongly recommend contacting the appropriate country or region in interest
 directly for official policies regarding visa/passport/health/and advisory information. The following
 have been listed here as potential sources and represent only a sampling.

Travel Visa's and Passports

* US Department of State - Passport Home Page

* Embassy.Org
Links to contact info etc for Foreign Embassies in the Washington D.C Area

G3 Visas & Passports Visa Page

Use G3's free lookup service to determine if you may need a visa to travel  to a particular country or region. Note, G3 Visas & Passports provides visa, passport,  and documentation authentication services for individuals, corporations, flight departments,  travel agencies and tour groups throughout the United States and Canada. We have listed them here as a possible assistance to those traveling. For official policies regarding visa/passport information  please contact the appropriate country or region in interest directly.

Other suggestions - Try contacting the appropriate country or region in interest directly. Your own community (municipality, state, or federal) services such as US Department of State can often  give you accurate, up to date, pertinent information as well.

- Blank Google Main Search Page
 e.g - Try searching for the country name + 'passports'

Travel Health
* Travel Health Online - Useful Links
* CDC World Health Travel - (Pick a Country)
World Health Org - International Travel and Health Info


Useful Travel Tips
(Safety, Do's and Don'ts, etc)

* Hunterdon County Sheriffs Dept - Travel Advice and Crime Prevention
Scroll down to 'When Your Going on a Trip !'
(Great Travel Advice/Crime Prevention Tips for all of us - Check it out)

* Teplis - (Useful) Travel Links
* Bootsnall - Round the World Tips (do's and don'ts)
Lonely Planet
Traveling alone ? - Check This out!

* World Travel Guide
The World Travel Guide provides a source of comprehensive and detailed
 information for most countries of the world.

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   Discount Travel Services  
Air Travel, Cruise Lines, Trains, Hotels, Trip Packages, etc
Travel Discount Services are just to numerous to mention and list all here.
Below is a list of some of the Discount Travel Services which
have become popular to use.

.** Discount Travel Search Engine Facts! **
* - Travel Search Engines and How they work
Learn More About Travel Search Engines and How Travel Search Engines Work !


AAA Travel
Foders Online

- Search for 'Discount Travel' to find more services


*Note: You may also want to checkout travel groups/organizations such as 'Senior Groups', etc which can sometimes offer great discounts and savings. Also lookup local regions of interest (such as Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, or Tourism) which in collaboration with businesses in the region perhaps represent a more general and perhaps non biased view of packages available.

Luggage Online - Over 90 Brands Listed
(With an infinite number of brands to choose from why not start here)

* Check with each airline (see above) for information regarding what is acceptable
sizes allowed, weight allowance, contents, and possible baggage checking costs.

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Banking and Currency Conversions Travel:

 (Please see the Banking section of our Main Links Page for a complete list). 

* US Banks on the Internet
* US Credit Unions on the Internet

* Quazell - Banks the World Over

* CNTraveler Tool Kit - Currency Convertor
Universal Currency Converter
Yahoo Finance - Currency Convertor

Food & Travel:

* Restaurant Row List - Find a restaurant (U.S and World Over)

Visit our Restaurant Page for a complete list
 of cuisines to where you are traveling

* Travel and Electric Requirements:

Are You Traveling abroad?

 Did you wonder what the electric requirements in other countries you were going
to were so you could bring your laptop, cell phone adapter/charger, etc
and wanted to know if you needed a travel adapter?

Typical Laptop


** First you should be aware that beginning in early 2000's most laptops as well as a number
of other electronic equipment should handle between (120Volts,60Hz AC to 220Volts,50Hz).
Check the labels on the equipment you intend on using (e.g adapters) or check with
your manufacturer to be sure. In most cases the AC transformer/adapter that comes
with laptop computers today and some electronic equipment is fine, you may
need to change the AC-Power cord or use an adapter to allow you to plug
into the wall of the country you are visiting but check your equipments
acceptable AC power range to be sure.

Travel Adapter

** Secondly before you buy: Understand most low cost AC adapters you purchase
for example approx $9-$12 U.S simply convert the plug style for an assortment of countries but
not the line voltage (e.g 220v to 120V or vise/versa). To change that a transformer equipped
converter adapter is needed in order to step down or step up the line voltage. These tend to be more
expensive for example $29-$34 U.S range but eliminate potential damage to your equipment in the
long run. As mentioned earlier check the labels of the equipment you intend on using
or check with your manufacturer to be sure.

Country Power Requirements
Here are a couple of sites that should help you know what power requirements
are for the country you may be visiting around the world complete
with descriptions and pictures:

World Standard Electricity Around the World
Wikipedia - AC Power Plugs and Sockets around the world

AC-Adapters - Where to buy them !

You can usually find travel adapters at airports, pharmacy's, or number of consumer
electronic shores. You should know what your converting from (your device is it 120v? 220V? etc)
and then what you are converting to (power requirements of the country you are visiting).
See the Country Power Requirements site links above for help.

Want to shop online?
There are numerous places and websites to purchase Travel Adapters online here is a start
- Search for 'Travel Adapters'

 -Doc D.-     


Other Useful Travel Links:
Reviews, Maps, City Facts, Tourist Info
Read what others might have to say about an Airline/Hotel/Restaurant/Bank etc.

* Visit our Map Sites section of our Main Links page for
geographical map locations, directions, Ariel views, etc

Virtual Tourist World Map
(Find information quickly by clicking on world destinations)

USA City Link
(Find Useful Comprehensive Information about almost any town or city in the US such as
Government, Hotels, Travel, Tourism, etc)

* City-Data

Over 67,000 city photos not found anywhere else, graphs of latest real estate prices and sales trends, recent home sales, home value estimator, hundreds of thousands of maps, satellite photos, stats about residents (race, income, ancestries, education, employment), geographical data, state profiles, crime data, registered sex offenders, cost of living, housing, businesses, local news links based on our exclusive technology, birthplaces of famous people, political contributions, city government finances and employment, weather, hospitals, schools, libraries, houses, airports, radio and TV stations, zip codes, area codes, air pollution, latest unemployment data, time zones, water systems and their health and monitoring violations, comparisons to averages, local poverty details, professionally written city guides, a forum and a social network with 500,000 registered members and 7,000,000 posts, 5,000+ user-submitted facts, 15,000+ exclusive local business profiles with photos, and more demographics.
(Facts, Contacts, Info, History,  and more on all 50 States) 

Visit our Hiking - Walking - Rail Trail - Biking - Nature -  Camping, Astronomy, Zoo's, Aquariums, Canoe and Kayaking Page. Find links and maps for Hiking, Walking, Rail  Trails, Running, and  Bicycling. Locate useful information and links about Birds, Tree's, Flowers, Insects, Astronomy, Zoo's,  Aquariums, Canoeing and Kayaking. Locate Campgrounds, Park Services, and Botanical Gardens nationally and worldwide by clicking on the link above.

Visit our Entertainment Page. This page not only contains Movie listings, Television listings, on going Theatrical and Musical Events, Music Searches, Movie Listings, Concert Events, Air Shows, Car Shows, Auto Auctions, State & World Fair Schedules, Places to Go, Arts and Artists, Comedy, Theme Park Links, Casinos, Blues-n-Jazz, Motion Picture Studio info, Sound Bites, etc as well.

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