Gasoline in - 2014  and it's still $$$:
We thougt we had it partly fixed in 2009, guess not!


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It's kind of like Ground Hog Day (over and over) isn't it?
H'mmm ! - Haven't we been through something like this before?
Heard the same things over and over?



From: Doc Dingley    
To: Tasha - at
Subject:    Re: Fwd: cool gas site
Date:    Apr 29, 2006 1:51 PM

Regarding: Fwd: Cool Gas Site,

A few years ago there was a site created around Worcester MA about the time when this whole gas $price thing started happening and did about the same thing as the site mentioned above. I believe it still exists today, it's called:

Another more recent article you might enjoy reading about (on a popular radio talk show site) is from a women referencing ideas passed on from a retired Coca Cola Executive who had gotten it from some of his buddies retired from Halliburton (Hmmm). Similar to those strategies of which I have been suggesting for sometime which is to strategically inflict gas strikes (Gas War), not that you want to intentionally hurt the distributors (Gas Station Owners) if there not directly involved but.

The recent unheard of record earnings profit earnings from Exxon have really gotten peoples interest in the last few days. Coincidently, the o'h so appropriate response from the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the news media recently as to OPECS bewilderment and non justification of the U.S OIL Corporations price increases will undoubtedly bring more concern as well.  In fact he said 'OPEC is currently not at over capacity, but instead has room for even more capacity at the current time'. To be honest I think they are positioning themselves for the Oil Tycons (US,Britan to name few) move to Russian and Ukrainian oil supplies, but that's just a thought though. Read more about the GAS WAR (boycott) here:

Want to keep up to date on GAS OIL related news issues/stories, then try:

I guess the recent gas earnings from Exxon has finally gotten the attention from folks, unless it's just another knee-jerk short-term reaction.

The excuse of Europe is paying $6 to $7 per liter, well you know as well as I do from friends in Europe those folks have to pay a $3-$4 dollar so called tax incentive. The thought (understandably in principle) is to act as a deterrent and to get more people to take public transportation. But as several folks over there in European countries we know have voiced to me it seems logical and might work for those who work in metropolitan areas but what about the suburbs or country regions where there is NO public transportation.  There is no exceptions for those people they also have to pay the $3-$4 tax fee on top, a big sigh for them.

We don't need alternative fuel sources (aka resources - that might help some but not resolve the so called energy issues) what we need is alternative fuel or power 'sources' as you might have heard me say. Keep the bodies and drives trains of vehicles, sure make improvements, but focus the attention and change the power plants (engines). Watch out for patent power struggles or leg dragging from big vehicle manufacturers who may (just a conjecture here) be under the pressure of the big Oil corporations. Remember even without combustible fuel there is a need for lubricants in the others portions of your vehicles but that's another story entirely.

Anyway - Feel free to pass this information back to your friends and others if you wish.

Now aren't you glad you forwarded me on this article?  (Just Kidding)



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