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Doc's Grandson: Tommy-Gun Russ & Pistola Laura on the run in Minneapolis MN (Circa 1930)!
Docs Notorious
Circa 1932
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Phone Abuse (Telemarketing,Non Profit,Political Phone Call Complaints, etc): Tired of getting repeated phones calls, sometimes at all hours of the day, numerous times week? Checkout the Telemarketing Complaint Links and Info portion of our Phone Abuse - Help and Assistance Section below for more details. April 8th 2015

HD Television over the Air: Want to see what Television Stations are broadcasting over the air for free in HD 720 dpi or 1080p in your area?. Visit the HD TV Stations & Networks section below for more information. December 14th 2014

Bing Language Translation Services: Throw another hat in the ring, Microsoft has joined group of online language translation services. With this one the ability to auto-detect the source language is available. Visit the Language Translation Tools and Services section below for more information. January 18th 2011

Announcing our new Technology Page:  It's been awhile coming... Our Main Links Page got so big here that we needed spin off a section, so we have created our new Technology Page. There you will find all the things such as (Software Alternatives - Browsers, Office Suites, Operating Systems), Useful Internet (Shortcuts, Diagnostic Tools, Information, and Links), Anti-Virus, AntiMalware, Spyware (Information, detection and removal tools, comparisons, forums, etc).  All the things you used to find in the Technology Section which used to be on the Main Links Page here. This should speed the page load times and allow room for expansion on both pages. Go ahead try out the new Technology Page and enjoy now, click here or in the portal link below. October 1st 2010 (Email Hoaxes and Scams):  Hoax-Slayer is dedicated to debunking email hoaxes, thwarting Internet scammers, combating spam, and educating web users about email and Internet security issues. Hoax-Slayer allows Internet users to check the veracity of common email hoaxes and aims to counteract criminal activity by publishing information about common types of Internet scams. Hoax-Slayer also includes anti-spam tips, computer and email security information, articles about true email forwards, and much more. New articles are added to the Hoax-Slayer website every week. Visit the Webmail (Email) Service Links section below for more information. October 1st 2010

Telemarketing - Non Profit - Political Phone Call Complaints: Tired of getting repeated phones calls, sometimes at all hours of the day, numerous times week? Checkout the Telemarketing Complaint Links and Info portion of our Phone Abuse - Help and Assistance Section below for more details. January 13th 2010

Movies & TV On Line: A number of websites some related to cable and satellite providers are providing streamed Movies & TV On Line over the Internet now (usually older movies and TV shows but not always). Since some of the guide listing services don't always make list those features available we thought we would provide some links to the listings for what's on for Movies On Line also. Visit the new Movies & TV On-Line portion of section of our TV Listings Section below for more information. Note this is different from Movies on Demand or what is normally available through normal broadcast and in the theatres. November 30th 2009

Movies On Demand: A lot of cable and satellite providers are providing Movies On Demand now that they have gone digital. Since some of the guide listing services don't always make list those features available we thought we would provide some links to the providers listings for what's on for their Movies On Demand.. Visit the new Movies On Demand portion of section of our TV Listings Section below for more information. November 25th 2009

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* E-Card, E-Postcard, and Picture Card Sites   (*) = updated or corrected links
Send an electronic card/postcard/picture card to a friend and family !
* American - Angelwink PostCards - ICQ Greeting Cards - Jan Brett Postcards - Zen Garden eCards
Card Fountain - Talking Holiday Cards - Jacquie Lawson's E-Cards

Hallmark CardsOther Hallmark Divisions:  (Maxine's, Revilo, Shoebox), List of all Hallmark websites

JibJab Animated Cards

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Webmail (Email) Service Links
O'h Boy - The Email Song, browse over the picture again and sing-a-long. It's enchanting isn’t it ! !

Latest Email Hoaxes - Current Internet Scams - Hoax-Slayer
Hoax-Slayer is dedicated to debunking email hoaxes, thwarting Internet scammers, combating spam, and educating web users about email
and Internet security issues. Hoax-Slayer allows Internet users to check the veracity of common email hoaxes and aims to counteract criminal
activity by publishing information about common types of Internet scams. Hoax-Slayer also includes anti-spam tips, computer and email
security information, articles about true email forwards, and much more. New articles are added to the Hoax-Slayer website every week.


Common Popular:
MSN - Hotmail or AOL - Webmail
Yahoo Webmail and Yahoo UK Webmail
Google Gmail or Earthlink Webmail
Verizon Webmail or Comcast Webmail
Charter Webmail
Some University:
Univ of Vermont Webmail and Cornell Univ Webmail
Harvard Webmail and Norwich University Webmail
Boston College WebCT and Brandeis University Webmail
Crocker Webmail and FairPointNE Webmail
Email to Fax Services (vice/versa): New Beta
Savetz Good small articles
- Search for 'email to Fax free'

 - New-

Blog - Search Engines:
Blog Search
Google Blog Search Blog Search

  - Search for 'blog search'


Weather Information Sites:

Current Weather
There's no doubt there are countless amounts of weather related services there are on the Internet. Go to any local television or radio station website for example and you can obtain weather information for your area, most ISP startup pages now contain custom weather lookup services as well. For a quick no nonsense customized weather lookup in your area click on one of the links below.

Plug-in your zip code for weather & related info local to your area !


- The WEATHER Channel   


Doc's Google Weather Search Worldwide
(see below)
Charts, Weather, Aviation Database for Pilots

  - Search for the term  'Weather'

Historical Weather Fact Databases

Offers records, averages, climatology and historical weather for 16439 cities worldwide, searchable by Country, city, state, or ZIP code.

Over 80000 climate and historical weather records for over 20000 weather stations worldwide.

  - Search for 'Weather Database'

History of the National Weather Service

On This Day! - Weather History Sites

Weather4you - On This Day!
USAToday - Data on past Weather
Farmer's Almanac - Weather History
US & Canada 2000 locations from 1946

Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado, and Fire
 Information Related Sites:

* The Disaster Center
(Information on storms, fire, drought, hurricanes, volcanoes, air quality etc)

The USGS - Earthquake Center

Earthquake! - Did You Feel it?
Click here and help, report it to the USGS

* WiredNews - In the Strike Zone What Lightning Teaches Us

The National Weather Service (NOAA) Hurricane Center

  - Search for 'Hurricane Center'

The Disaster Center (Tornado and Severe Weather)

The National  Weather Service (NOAA) - Tornados

  - Search for 'Tornado Center'

Allergy/Pollen Related Sites:
Information on local Pollen Counts, Allergy Alerts etc
International worldwide pollen and mold (mould) spore counts

NOAA - Global Pollen Database
European - Pollen Database
PalDat WorldWide Database
Claiming to be the worlds largest comprehensive
resource on pollen and palynology

  - Search for 'Pollen Database'

* Note: Quite a number of local and national weather sites
and weather channels provide pollen data now as well. The sites listed
above are provided as alternatives for fast real-time facts and data.

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Doc Dingley's - Google Weather Search Worldwide ! ©
Enter the name of a town and state or country
(e.g  Boston, MA - London UK - Rome IT etc) to search.

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Great Search Engine - Sites ! Doc's Picks

Some of the Top All Encompassing Search Engines:
more well known, popular, and used
Web - News - Pictures - Audio - Video

Search The Web
** Altavista   ** Alltheweb   AskJeeves   Bing   eXcite
Hotbot   Google   NorthernLight   WebBrain  
** Yahoo
( ** = are part of
A great web Search Engine. With look ahead
technology topics suggestions appear in the
search box as you type. A hybrid somewhere between
google, about, and wikipedia.

Fagon Finder
Versatile search engine tools, options, and more.

* Wikipedia
Great Reference Searches

World Star
Free World Search Engine lists
Dictionaries, Translators, Encyclopedias, more.

* Google Web search features
In addition to providing access to billions of web pages,
Google has many special features to help you to find exactly
what you're looking for. Click here to see what they are and how
to get to them.


Multiple Search Engine Sites:

Multiple Search Engine Sites allow you to check across many engines at once using a single site. The idea is good, it's a fast/comprehensive way to cast a wide net over several search engines. The bad news is that you cannot always narrow your search effectively because the different engines use different programming techniques. Use multiple searches if you are hunting for something obscure and cannot find enough hits when you use your favorite single search engine:

AlltheSites   Dogpile   Ixquick   MetaCrawler   Inference
MetaIQ   Mamma   Super Seek

(1,000 specific search engines in 40 different languages)
(Page Previews and Table Of Contents)
Savvy Search is now
The webs top search engines spun together

Search Engine FACTS

Search Engine Related Links and Facts Sites: - Web Search Engines
Learn more about Web Search Engines, facts
categories, and examples.

Librarians Internet Index Search Page - Great Starting Place almost anything
Major Search Engines List
TelecomPricer - Search Engine List
Current list of some of the top Search Engines available
on the Internet. Thanks Ellie !

* The Search Engines Colossus
International Directory of Search Engines
Univ of Albany Library - Search Engines at a Glance
Yahoo - Reference
Numerous links to references on a variety of subjects
* Wikipedia - Web Search Engines
A detailed explanation about Internet Search Engines and their history
* * Wikipedia - List of Web Search Engines
This is a list of Wikipedia articles about search engines, including
search engines by content or topic, by geographic location,
metasearch engines, desktop search tools, and web portals and
vertical market websites that have a search facility for online databases
and more. A great place to learn and start.

Meet Dennis Hwang the guy behind the Art
CNN - Google's unknown artist has huge following .
Visit Logoogle

Google Logo Art, Fun Pic's, Fake Logos'

Early 1996-97
Ever Wonder about Google's Start?
Project Backrub
Pictures of early Google Hardware

Search Wikipedia
(Get a bunch of information about a topic, name, company, etc)


Search Engines Watch Lists
See who's who and what's what in search engines
Ratings-Stats-Opinions-Blogs-and more

* Search Engine Watch List

* Search
Search engine link lists categorized
Best, General, Meta, Specialized, Reference, Foreign Language
People Finders, News/Weather, Search Your Site

* Search Engines.Showdown

Market Shares - Search Engines (by NetApplications)


* Search a website for keyword's:
Search a unique website using keywords
Google - Site Search

Next Generation Search Engine Site Tools:

A9 - Provides Page Result Previews
- Categorizes/Clusters Results
- An amazing Visual Search engine
Gigablast - Categorizes/Clusters Results
- Provides Page Result Previews

Jux2 - Most people think that the major search engines serve up similar results. In fact, tests show as many as 6 of the top ten results can be different. This web site allows you to compare the top 10 results on Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. Instead of just seeing 10 highly ranked results from one search engine, you see 16-17 highly ranked results from the two combined on a single page. You can also install a browser button to have Jux2 right at your fingertips.

Searchme - (Beta) Not unlike a few of the visual search engines above, Searchme lets you see what you’re searching for. As you start typing, categories appear that relate to your query. Choose a category, and you’ll see pictures of web pages that answer your search. You can review these pages quickly to find just the information you’re looking for, before you click through.

Teoma - A new search engine which offers impressive results by using a new technology they call "Subject-Specific Popularity." They ask experts within a specific subject community about who they believe is the best resource for that subject. You almost always get very relevant results, neatly organized and tips on how to refine your search.

Wisenut - Categorizes/Clusters Results

* new * Yippy! Search updated  What makes Yippy Search unique? It's a whole new way to search the web. Yippy queries several top search engines, combines the results, and generates an ordered list based on comparative ranking. This "metasearch" approach helps raise the best results to the top and push search engine spam to the bottom. But what really makes Yippy unique is what happens after you search. Instead of delivering millions of search results in one long list, our search engine groups similar results together into “clouds.” Clouds help you see your search results by topic so you can zero in on exactly what you’re looking for or discover unexpected relationships between items. When was the last time you went to the third or fourth page of the search results? Rather than scrolling through page after page, the clouds help you find results you may have missed or that were buried deep in the ranked list.

Yippy Search, formerly known as Clusty, got its start in Pittsburgh, PA in 2004 when the search software company Vivísimo decided to take its award-winning search technology to the web. Vivísimo was founded in 2000 by three Carnegie Mellon University scientists who decided to tackle the problem of information overload in web search. Rather than focusing just on search engine result ranking, we realized that grouping results into topics, or "clouds," made for better search and discovery. As search became a necessity for web users, Vivísimo developed a service robust enough to handle the variety of information the everyday web user was after. The result was Clusty: an innovative way to get more out of every search. Clusty was acquired by Yippy, Inc. in May 2010

* Specialty Search Engines/Tools:

Unique Picture Search Engines:
* PicSearch
Flickr - Pic Search

See the Top Search Engine Sites also.

** Video Search Engines: Updated

Agnostic Video Searches:
Are searches not affected by the hosting of video, where results are agnostic no matter where the video is located:

AltaVista   Bing   Blinkx   Dabble   Picsearch
(formerly Podzinger until May, 2007)   * FanCast   * Hulu

Non-agnostic Video Searches: Are results which are modified, or suspect due to the large hosted video being given preferential treatment in search results:

AOL Video, (In December of 2005, AOL acquired Truveo Video Search)
Google Video, (Searches its own hosted content, and that of
YouTube which it bought it October, 2006.)
Yahoo Video, (Examines videos using its Media RSS standard)

Metacafe Videos

DIY - How To Videos by common folks

*Note: See Wikipedia - Video Search Engines also for a more in depth explanation about Video Search Engines and comprehensive list of further search engines. Note also, most of the Top General Search engines have Pic and Video search options on them as well.

More - Specialty Search Engines:
Google Scholar   Google Blog Finder
Google Local   Google Labs   Google Book Search
Monster    BlogSearchEngine
Technorati (Blogs)
Produces results only ending in .edu. It also has the
ability to search dictionaries and encyclopedias.
Produces results only ending in .gov, including executive
agencies, independent agencies, state and local government

Need to find something?
Check out Julian Sher's -

One of the best Search Engine/Fact Finding sites we have seen yet.
With literally 100's of well organized search engine, news gathering,
 reference finding, tutorial, fact sites we've seen.

Looksmart - Find
Search for information on a number of categories. Over
 10,000 articles, outcome in both video and text results.

Wikimedia Commons
A database of 1,958,157 freely usable media files
(images, sound, video) to which anyone can contribute.

Complete Planet
Over 70,000+ Searchable databases and specialty search engines,
using bright planet deep web search technology.

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Maps & Directions Sites

Good General - All around Map Sites:
(Directions, Maps, From - To, What's Nearby)

Google Maps
* Bing Maps
(Formally MSN Mapblast and MSN LIve Search)
* * Here Maps
(Formally Navteq & Nokia Maps)
* Mapquest
National Geographic - Maps Online
Rand McNally
Yahoo Maps

* See our Travel Page also
(Travel Advisories, Airports, Airlines, Hotels, Roadways, etc.)

Specialty - Map Sites:
EmbassyWorld World Maps
Maporama Worldwide
(over 26 Languages)
Univ Texas Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collections
ReiseNet - (City,State,World,Historical,Weather Maps)

3D Map & Aerial - Map Sites:
Google Earth
Get Google Earth Download (Free Edition)

Google Earth Maps Mania
Unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, ideas
and tools being influenced by Google Maps

Virtual Globetrotting
3D Maps, Google Earth Imports, People & Place Info, etc
Google maps world gazetteer

* Bing Maps
Formally MapBlast & MSN Live Search
 GlobeXplorer - TerraFly
* Flash Earth - Yahoo Maps

- Search for 'Satellite Maps' click on logo
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Ahhh - The Television-Movies-Broadway, is that Doc Dingley I hear in the background or the director?
Entertainment News:

(Jump to our new Entertainment page)
for many more entertainment subjects and links.
The following represents a sampling. The new entertainment page will eventually replace all the Entertainment/TV/and Movie information here on this page in these three sections. It will contain more information on Television listings, on going Theatrical and Musical Events, Music Searches, Movie Listings, Concert Events, Air Shows, Car Shows, Auto Auctions, State & World Fair Schedules, Places to Go, Arts and Artists, Comedy, Theme Park Links, Casinos, Blues-n-Jazz, Motion Picture Studio info, Sound Bites, etc.

 *Click here and visit our immense Entertainment Page. There lots more on that page. Find even more information, updates, current events, news, venues, etc.

* IMDb - The Internet Movie Database
Fun facts about Movies, TV, actors, actresses, etc.

Other IMDb Related Stuff:

The IMDb Resume - IMDb History
The IMDb Top Movies (all Time) - Voted by Users

PopCultures Upcoming Movie News & Reviews

See reviews, trailers, and news about upcoming movies about to be released (see the left column of their website for selection of upcoming releases of movies by upcoming months up to a year in advance).


The Internet Movie Cars Database. You will find one of the most complete lists about cars, bikes, trucks and other vehicles seen in movies, image captures and information about them. See 'complete list' under Choose Vehicle Type or use the other features on the database such as search.

Great companion to IMDB
(enter name of people, movies, research, etc and click on search)

Rocky Balboa at
Another great companion to IMDB
(Find movie release date, box office earnings, cast, forums, more)

 IBDB - Internet Broadway Database
Fun facts about Broadway Shows, actors, actresses, etc

ITDB - Internet Theatre Database
Fun facts about Theatrical Shows, actors, actresses, etc

Movie Listings
See what's playing at the Theaters near you
what they are about, and more !

Movie Theater Lookup Sites:
(Enter  a zip code to see what's playing in that area)


Movies now playing


Try Doc's Google Movie Listing Search Worldwide
(Click Here)

** Note: For Movies On-Demand (Cable Satellite) click here.

* Note: For Movies On-Line (Internet) click here.

Find an IMAX Theater:
IMAX Theaters -Think Big!

new 3D Movies Films and more

-More to come-

The Illustrated 3D Movie List
Wikipedia - 3D Film

Mendon Twin Drive-In (Mendon,Ma)

Cinema - Home Page

Find a favorite Cinema or Drive-In near you, find out it's status as to whether or not it is still open or has been closed by clicking on one of the links below.

Cinema Treasures - (Search By State)
Cinema Treasures - (Search By Country)

* The History of Drive-In Theaters
* Wikipedia - Drive-In Theaters


Doc Dingley's - Google Movie Listings Search Worldwide ! ©
Enter the name of a town and state or country
(e.g  Boston, MA - London UK - Rome IT etc) to search.

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Yes - If you had your sound on you heard Monty Python !

Television Listings:
What's On? - Who's on? - and When?


Most local stations, cable, and satellite systems also provide TV grid listings as well !

Did You Know ?
That most TV listing sites provide you with the capability of viewing TV listing views by Date/Time/and Channel lineup. and that you can tailor the grid for your provider (e.g  Air, Cable, or Satellite). You can sort the listing by area of interest (e.g: sports, news, special events, genre, etc). That you can find out further information relevant to a show simply by clicking on the shows title in the listing grid and that you can find out if a show/movie/actor or actress is going to be on or on-again later for a specific month by using search features on the site?

Checkout these useful (Online Internet) What's On Television Listing Sites:

Our new choice! - What to watch and where to watch it

See what's on TV and where to watch it
  (Recommend Zap2it instead!)
Update 12-05-06: The old Yahoo TV Listings Grid has changed (not as quick and user friendly as it used to be) sadly it will be missed. The above link reflects the new Yahoo TV address.
Advanced Search
 Find out when an Actor/Actress/or Movie may be ON TV (use keywords)

What's on TV, Listings, News, features

OK they've tuned down their pop-ups, costs etc
so we're allowing the link back. Let us know if this changes
See what's on TV, Listings, News, features, etc

  TV Zap
See What's on TV Worldwide
(Not to be confused with Zap2it above)


Inside coverage of latest interactive television industry developments,
technologies, content projects, and the people building the business.
InteractiveTV Today [itvt] is one of the most widely read and trusted
news sources on the rapidly emerging medium of multiplatform,
broadband interactive television (ITV).

  Locate TV.Com
What's on TV, Listings, Movies, News, features
Partner with Zap2it

What's On The Radio - Listings

Want to checkout some Radio Stations?
Whether it's Over the Air or on the Internet come
visit our Radio Stations Section
by clicking here or scrolling down below.


Movies & TV - Online !
**(Via the Internet PC, Laptop, XBox, etc)**

- Streamed, Mostly Free -
Not to be mixed with Videos from Search Eng's etc
e,g Youtube, MetaCafe,etc
See Video Search Engines for those.

** Internet TV Site Reviw 2009
Listio - Comparing Online TV
(Hulu JoostFancast, and Veoh)

Clicker - What's Online

The Sites:

Hulu   FanCast   Joost   Veoh

AOL Video   ComedyCentral   TV.Com
CBS   TheWB   Babelgum
NBC   TNT   FOX   USA   ABC   Discovery

TV Shows

More to come-

** Note: For Movie Listings in the Theatres click here.

Movies On-Demand Shortcuts
* (Via Cable - Satellite - XBox Etc) *
Don't fool around trying to find a line up of
what movies are on demand today. Click below here on
an icon to visit that venders Movies On Demand page directly.


-More to come-

*Note Netflix may require streaming via XBox etc, Amazon
has both online Streaming to e,g PC or via your TV.

- Search for 'Movies On Demand'
Wikipedia - Video On Demand

** Note: For Movie Listings in the Theatres click here.

-More Coming-
- Streaming Devices
Roku, Amazon, Google Chrome
- DVR's



Wikipedia - List of Television Channels/Networks (Worldwide)
Television Stations Around the World by High-Tech Productions
- Directory Results for Television Guides (Worldwide)

- Directory Results for Television Programs (by Category Genre Type)

Retro TV
Index of old TV Shows (50's,60's,70's,80's,90's)

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DTV (Digital TV) - The Change Over
Please do not confuse DTV with HDTV they are not the same.


As of late 2009, 10 countries had completed the process of turning off analog terrestrial broadcasting. Many other countries had plans to do so or were in the process of a staged conversion. The first country to make a wholesale switch to digital over-the-air (terrestrial) broadcasting was Luxembourg, in 2006, followed by the Netherlands later in 2006, Finland, Andorra, Sweden and Switzerland in 2007, Belgium (Flanders) and Germany in 2008, and the United States, Denmark and Norway in 2009. In June, 2010, Latvian analogue television will be completely switched off.

The Big Switch Over began in the U.S as of June 11th 2009. Cable & Satellite providers have switched most of their users over to the new DTV standard in the U.S and are giving a 3-Year grace period to those who have not moved over to digital cable or digital satellite before they shut-off the older analog services. In Japan, the switch to digital is scheduled to happen July 24, 2011. In Canada, it is scheduled to happen August 31, 2011. China is scheduled to switch in 2015. In the United Kingdom, the digital switchover has different times for each part of the country; however, the whole of the UK will be digital by 2012. Brazil switched to digital on December 2nd, 2007 in major cities and it is estimated it will take seven years for complete signal expansion over all of the Brazilian territory... For the rest of the story and better understanding on what exactly is happening with the switch over click here: DTV - Wikipedia or some of the links below as well.

Information and the Facts:

What does DTV stand for? (Deep Vein Thrombosis), no at least not in this case, it stands for Digital TV.
Read up on the facts about DTV (Digital TV), DTV versus HDTV, DCR?, etc and their impacts. Over the next 3-Years those still left on analog services (e.g  Cable, and Satellite)  will gradually notice more and more channels disappearing from their channel lineup, get the facts on DTV (Digital TV) and DCR (Digital Cable Ready) equipment by reading more below.

** DTV - Wikipedia
(US Government Facts on the DTV Conversion)
FCC.Gov DTV Facts
Fox TV (Cleveland) explains the DTV Switch

* DTV Answers : What you need to know about the February 17, 2009  June 11th 2009 Switch

** Check with your local Cable or Satellite providers as well !
There are so many cable and satellite providers that we could not possibly list them all here but
here are a few links to help get you started, please consult your local provider for more details.

Wikipedia - Cable Television Providers by Country
Wikipedia - Satellite Television Providers by Country - Cable and Satellite Providers in the United States - Cable and Satellite Providers in Canada

Cable TV: Comcast - Charter - Time Warner - Oceanic - Verizon
Satellite: Direct TVDish Network Verizon  

- Search for 'DTV'
- Search for 'DCR' Digital Cable Ready

Yes - If you had your sound on you heard Monty Python ! 
Update: 12-14-2014

HD TV Stations & Networks:
See what Television Stations are broadcasting over the air for free
in HD 720 dpi or 1080p in your area?
Click on the Antenna Web link below then click on the Click to Start Here button on their page, enter
your zip code and see what TV stations might be possible to get over the air for free.

- Antenna

What is a Digital Cable Ready (DCR) device?
Source Verizon FIOS TV Support - Digital Cable Hardware FAQ's

A DCR device is a TV, DVR, or other electronic receiver capable of providing access to certain High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) digital services.

DCR devices can also provide access to encrypted digital services without the need for a Set-Top Box when a CableCARD is inserted into the slot labeled "CableCARD" or "POD" (Point of Deployment), usually located at the back of the TV, sometimes on a PC known as a TV Card.

Certain advanced features are not available when you use a CableCARD, such as:

  • TV Interactive Media Guide
  • On Demand (Movies, Sports Events etc)
  • TV Widgets
  • Parental Controls

To access these types of features you need a Set-Top Box.

Will my device work with a CableCARD?
Devices that work with a CableCARD must be labeled as "DCR" by their manufacturers. If you device is not labeled "DCR" it is not likely to work with a CableCARD.

For instance, TVs labeled as "Integrated Digital Tuner" (but not DCR) do not accept a CableCARD and will need a Set-Top Box to provide access to encrypted digital content (e.g Interactive Media Guide, On Demand, Widgets).

Integrated Digital Tuner Info (IDTV or iDTV): What are they ?
Wikipedia - Intergrated Digital Television (IDTV or iDTV)
- Search for 'Integrated Digital Tuner'

-More Coming-

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The $90 Million Dollar Oops mistake !
Online Phone Directory Information

Directory Services:
Lookups / Online Phone Directories
(Local White Pages, Yellow pages, Toll-Free, Reverse lookups)

AT&T Anywho
* Infobel - World Telephone Dir
(By Person, Reverse Phone, Reverse Address, Area & Zipcode)
** Switchboard
* YellowPage
Toll Free - Service Lookups

* Google Directory

(For more phone directories, areas codes, toll free, white pages, etc)


Directory Assistance 411 Services:
*Note: Did you know most phone companies $charge
you every time you use 411? Here are some alternatives

* Goog411

Checkout Google's new, it's free, fast, and easy to use
*note commercial only, no residential
1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411)

Free411 has adds
Try 1-800-FREE411 (1-800-373-3411).
Come see their website here as well


N11 Codes
A description of North American 3-Digit dialing codes such as
211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, 811, and 911

Wikipedia N11 Codes

All About Phone Codes
A description of phone codes, directories, by countries
companies, plans, categories, history and much more. E,g What is 555?

Wikipedia Telephone Numbers

Phone Abuse - Help and Assistance
Tired of getting repeated phones calls, sometimes
at all hours of the day, numerous times week?

Try some of these !  Updated

The U.S National Do-Not-Call Registry:

* National Do-Not-Call Registration - US Government
Offers registration for consumers to stop telemarketers from calling,
(for-profit commercial calls only). You can register your phone
number for free, and it will remain on the national do-not-call
list for five years. Check back to see if it's still active.

* National Do-Not-Call Registry (Detailed information and FAQs)
What are your rights, rules, and regulations

** Do Not Call Registry Verification

Verify your number(s) are registered with the Do Not Call Registry

FCC Consumer Facts on Do-Not-Call Rules
Also checkout this link for the FCC rules on Do Not Call

*Note: Check with your own country and let us know if you have
a Do-Not-Call site you would like posted here.

Telemarketing Complaint Links and Info:

FCC Consumer Complaints - FCC US Gov
How to make a telemarketing Complaint

* WhoCallsMe?

Tired of receiving calls from people and places you don't even know? Either at home, at business, or your cell phone? Then look them up and REPORT them (free) no-signup, see how many others have been effected by that same number. This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, political surveyors, SCAM artists, and other companies that don't leave messages, or have automated ones, disconnect once you answer, ignore the Do-Not-Call List regulations, and simply interrupt your day.

* Caller Complaints

'Fight Back Against Annoying Telemarketers! Type in the phone number that's calling you and click "Search" to learn more. Submit a Caller Complaint about the number to make the calls STOP' . Complaints Filed: over 476,365

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - Links
Have a quiet Evening at Home Fact Sheet

* ** 800 Notes - Directory of Unkown Callers

800notes is a FREE REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP database built by YOU, its users. Their strength is in their numbers - by sharing pieces of information each of us has they are putting together a free and public phone number directory with information that can be shared.

See what others maybe experiencing with numbers that are calling you as well.


- Search for 'Telemarketing Complaints U.S'

- Search for 'Telemarketing Complaints U.K'

- Search for 'Telemarketing Complaints Canada'

** Customer Service - Telephone
Shortcuts & Bypasses:

Tired of being routed around company customer service phone systems?
Want to speed things up? Try these!
Gethuman 500 Database
See the tips section here also

* What To Press

Word Translations:
Translate words to phone numbers
and visa versa.

Ever try to guess what the phone number is from those catchy word phrases companies use? Do you get annoyed trying to translate them into useable numerical phone numbers especially when they don't provide a translation for you? Sounds easy but most people would in fact tell you how frustrating it can be when it comes time to dial the number. Here are a few sites to help simplify your life in translating catchy word phrases into numbers and vise versa

Vanity Number Lookup

911, 999, etc

** The beginning of most local phone books has information for specific services such as police, fire, town departments, Utilities Electric/Water/Etc, Medical Emergencies, and more.

Medical Emergencies numbers may also be obtained most times by dialing 0 in most countries and asking the operators for assistance.

Be Aware - Abbreviated Emergency crisis numbers vary in different countries (e.g 911 works in United States, 999 is used in several countries such as the UK, Poland, etc. See the links below for further assistance.

* Wikipedia - Emergency Numbers for Different Countries

Try this: Do a Google Search for e.g 'Rome Police Phone' or other specific areas of need/interest. We strongly recommend for extreme emergencies using the sources and tactics listed above.

See our Health Page for other
useful info such as POISON CONTROL Center info. etc

Disclaimer of Medical Liability !

Reverse Phone# by Address Lookup:
A number of phone directory services provide for reverse phone#
lookup. But have you ever needed to lookup a phone number
by street address? then check this out.
Reverse Phone Directory popup

Area Code Prefix - Lookup/Finder:

All Area code finder lLookup Contrib by Linda
* Fone Finder - Area Code & Prefix Lookup
NPA - Area code finder & exchange Lookup

Toll Free Numbers (800, 888, 866, etc):
Wikipedia Toll Free Codes
What they mean, history, etc

Time Zone Finder:
(Need to know what time it is someplace before making a call?)

The World Clock Time Zone Lookup
WorldTime Server Lookup

** Find out more about Time Zones, The Official Time
someplace, and Network Times by visiting our TIME Sites
 section below.

How to call Abroad:  (Around the World)
(Need to know what prefixes are required to call
from one location to another around the world?)
Shows examples town or city, plus time differences
Shows examples town or city, plus time differences
 * Time and Date - Calling Abroad
Lets your enter a number for who your trying to call and see
the codes required for that number. Also shows examples
and time differences

Wikipedia List of Country

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Sports News, Sports by Category, Olympic, College Stats, Etc

Visit our incredible Sports Page by clicking here now.

(Jump to our Recipes page)
Great Delicious Recipes, Famous Leading Brands, Healthy Eating, Etc

Visit our Recipe Page by clicking here now.

(Jump to our Health page)
Health News, Phys Lookup, Search Engines, Hospitals, HMO's Etc

Visit our incredible Health Page by clicking here now.

$ Tipping Guide: $
(Jump to our Tipping Guide page)

Need help figuring what to tip a server, waiter, bartender, baby sitter, valet?

Visit our Tipping Guides Page by clicking here now. For information on who and what to tip, informative links and other articles related to the subject.


 Hiking - Walking - Running - RailTrail
Biking, Nature, Camping, Astronomy, Zoo
Aquarium, Canoeing and Kayaking Links:
Find links and maps for Hiking, Walking, Rail  Trails, Running, and  Bicycling. Locate useful information and links about Birds, Tree's, Flowers, Insects, Astronomy, Zoo's,  Aquariums, Canoeing and Kayaking. Locate Campgrounds, Park Services, and Botanical Gardens nationally and worldwide by clicking on the link above.

Visit our Hiking - Walking - Running - RailTrail- Biking
Nature - Camping - Astronomy - Zoo - Aquarium
Canoeing and Kayaking Links Page
by clicking here now.
Wow - Thats a mouthful !

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Time Sites & Time Zones

Atomic Clocks:
* Find the Official U.S. time - (Atomic clock)
US Navy - Master Clock Time
Read more about Atomic Time & Clocks here.
* Greenwich Mean Time Official Homepage
(Locate your time zone and see the correct time)
NIST - Nat'l Institute of Standards and Technology

** World Time Zone Lookups:
TimeandDate World Clock - Time Zone Lookups
World Time Server Lookup
World Time Zone Converter
Time Ticker - Map
CNTraveler Tool Kit - Clocks
(see time differences between two time zones)

* Network Time Protocol Sites Worldwide:
Set your PC's Servers etc to sync to NTP servers
There are any number of sites with software  shareware and freeware which you can use to locate and use with NTP Atomic Time Clock Servers around the world. Windows itself has a sync feature built into the system Clock. On your PC go to the system clock in the system tray, right click on the time - then select Date/Time Adjust, and select the Internet Time Tab. There you will find a check box, to enable auto synchronization check the box which says Automatically Synchronize with an Internet Time Server. *Note belongs to the international  community organization known as the NTP Pool Project, you can read more about them and NTP below:

What are NTP Servers
NIST - Nat'l Institute of Standards & Technology
(Set your computer clock vai Internet)
NIST Time Servers List
List of Internet Time Servers

Modify the Internet Time
Synchronization Servers (Windows XP)

Modify the Internet Time Synchronization Schedule

Complete Sun and Moon Data (worldwide)

Find sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset times

* Checkout the Human Clock
Hilarious pictures of people/objects posing in the current time


Postal Services & Zip Codes

United States
* United States Zipcodes Contrib by Linda
* US Postal Service (zipcodes)
* US Postal Service (postal rate calculators)
US Postal Service Tracking
Yahoo - State Abbreviations


zip codes & postal codes around the World
Royal Mail - International World Incidents
A roundup of any events which might affect mail services around the world.

* Melissa Data
Do a number of things with zip codes
(Locate, distance between, demographics, maps, etc)

Wikipedia United States Postal Service
Structure, history, facts, glossary, plans, and more

Wikipedia List of Post Offices Abroad
Around the world

Shipping and Tracking Information

Looking for shipping and Tracking information?

* Jump to Our Shipping and Tracking Service Locators

Click here to go to services such as Federal Express, DHL-Airborne,
UPS, & USPS located on our Shopping Page now


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News and Events !

Daily News Papers:

Some Popular
The Worcester Telegram & Gazette (T&G)
The New York Times
The Boston Globe
The Boston Herald -
(All It's Papers) popup
The MetroWest Daily News
The Community Advocate - (Local Paper)
The International Herald Tribune
The Wall Street Journal

Other World News Paper Links

* Links to Newspapers in all 50 U.S States
Online Newspapers
(1000's of world newspapers at your fingertips)
* News Link
(Links to all sorts of News Papers Worldwide)

(Interactively preview the front pages of world newspapers
geographically by browsing your mouse over a map worldwide)


* NewsLink

(Links to all sorts of Magazines Worldwide)

US News
National Geographic - News
Popular Science
Popular Mechanics
Sports Illustrated

* See our Health Page also
 (For newspapers/magazines related to health)

* See our Shopping Page also
 (For magazines on Comparison Shopping and Reviews,,
Technology, Vehicle ReviewsMotorcycle, Cycle Mags,
Vintage Cars, etc)

* See our Sports Sites section also
 (For newspapers/magazines related to sports)


On This Day:
in History !
History Channel - Today in History
NY Times - On This Day
BBC - On This Day in History
BrainyHistory - Today in History and Birthdays
Wikipedia - On This Day
World of Quotes - On This Day

Weatherforyou - Weather History On This Day
USGS - Earthquake History On This Day
IMDB Movies History On This Day
Today in Science History
Today in Technology History

Events, Holidays, etc
Notifying you of when and what Events,
Holiday's etc may be coming up. Best viewed with Mozilla
FireFox. Good Job Dave !

Online Internet News & Events:
Undoubtedly there is no limit to the amount of news related services on the Internet. Go to any local television or radio station website for example and you can obtain all the news information you want, most ISP or Email startup pages contain custom news services as well. Below is a sample of some of those dedicated news services available on the Internet.

Internet News Posting Services:
(Checkout Google News email Alerts have custom alerts
sent to you on any number of topics/locations/interests etc.)

(Similar to Google World News - Even look for Local News)
New Scientist
(News from world news sources translated in many languages)

(News, History, Atlas, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, etc)
Weblogs Compendium
(Everything you need to know about weblogs, blogs, etc)
World News Network
(Similar to Google World News

Online Television News Links:

BBC News MSNBC *NewsLink
(Radio, TV, & Papers)


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Books and Reference Related

*  Book Search (BETA)
Search/See the full text of books and discover new ones.

The Pulitzer Prize Organization
(The Pulitzer Prize Organization)

ABE's Books
Barnes & Noble
Borders Books
The Harvard Book Store
Tatnuck Bookseller-Westboro MA

Selected Bookstores Worldwide

Associations - Lists & Organizations:

American Book Sellers Association
Book Fairs & Festivals (Worldwide)
Digital Rights Management
Publishers Catalogues List
 Selected Publishers Worldwide

* US Copyright Office - LOC
Wikipedia - Definition of Digital Rights Management

* Wikibooks

Thousands of open source text books
and manuals in over 50 languages
Free content publications on a vast number
of topics, over 120,564 texts

Book Reviews: - Read reviews about specific books.
- Search for 'Book Reviews'

Checkout our Worldwide Library Section to the right as well.

Library Links and Resources:

IFLANET - Int'l Feder of Library Assoc & Inst (World)
LibWeb - Libraries over 125 Countries Worldwide
LibDex - An Index of over 18,000 Libraries
The Virtual Library

U.S Library of Congress

U.S The National Archives

** **
This one is great, a must have !
Search for an Item in Libraries (Public,Universities,etc) near you
(e.g books, music, videos, articles, and more)
Over 1-billion items in more than 10,000 libraries worldwide

- Search for 'World Libraries'

The Boston Public Library
MARS - Central Western Mass Library Sharing Sys

Checkout our Books and Reference Related Section to the left as well.

Native American Indian Tribes:
The following represents a sampling of sites available.

500 Nations
(View information, events, and what tribes are in any of the 50 States)

Native American
Native American Resources
Native American Arts - AAANative
(Native American Indian Tribes and Canada First Nations resource)
National NAGPRA Online Databases

US Tribal Flags

Navajo Code Talkers Dictionary

(Declassified US Dept of Defense 5200.9)

Dictionaries & Thesauruses:

* Acronym
Acronyms via (TheFreeDictionary)
(Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initial's stands for)
(VeryGood) - Words
From abbreviations, word origins, dictionaries, thesauruses,
quotes, spelling and usage,  grammar dictionary, idioms,  new words,
obscure words, phrases, common misspellings, translations, and more.

AskOxford Free Online Dictionary

** - Lexicon
FreeDic Online
Online English to Latin Dictionary
(Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Language Tools, etc)
Google Dictionary
Dictionary meanings of words in many languages
(Lexico's legendary Rogets International Thesaurus Online)
The Free
(Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronyms, Medical, Legal, Idioms)
Urban Slang Dictionary
Visual Thesaurus
(Lexico's new Visual Thesaurus Online - Trail)
Webster Dictionary
(Dictionary and Thesaurus - Sister to Wikipedia)
Word Spy
This web site is devoted to lexpionage,
the sleuthing of new words and phrases.

* World Star
Free World Search Engines, Dictionaries,
Translators, and Encyclopedias


(Facts, Contacts, Info, History, and more on all 50 US States)
CIA - World Fact Book
The Encyclopedia of Nations
(Detailed information about 193 countries in the world,
information about the United Nations and the associated
agencies, and World Leaders).

Encyclopedia Britannica
1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
* HighBeam -
* How Stuff
Microsoft Encarta - Encyclopedia
Nation Master
World Statistics, Country Comparisons
Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
* World Star
Free World Search Engines, Dictionaries, Translators, and Encyclopedias

Textual/Literature Searches:
Google Scholar - Search Google for Scholarly Papers
Google Book Search - Find the classics and download them
Open World Catalog Search - Locate specific books in Libraries

Print - Search for specific text of books

MIT's - The Complete Works of 'William Shakespeare'

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Language Translation Tools and Services:

Did you wonder how we were translating some of our web pages ?

Today it seems like it's easier than ever to communicate with one another especially with the intervention of the Internet. Understand as good as they may seem, there are a vast number of translation tools and services out there that are likely to interpret incorrectly during translation. It's a great thing but please be aware of this and not hold the translations services entirely responsible as it is still new technology. Here are a few of the more recognizable online translations services available for text and website URL's and other sites with links to even more. Beware of some free services do yourself a favor take the time and read up on the subject, look for reviews and that the service has what is known as a Certified Translation Certificate.

Altavista's - Babel Fish Translation
Over 16 online languages thus far
Taming the Beast. net
An article on Language Translation Services
Over 19 online languages thus far
** Google - Language Tools  updated
Over 34+ online languages thus far
Google Translate (Beta)
Windows Live - Translator
Ectaco UK - Online Dictionaries
Over 28 online languages thus far
25 other sites listed as well
World Star
Free World Search Engines, Dictionaries,
Translators, and Encyclopedias
Live Translations - Tools Links
Great Site listing sites providing translation tools
Store - Books, Software, Native Language Keyboard's,
Cassettes, Second Language Learning material and more.
Translate using a number of sites (Word,Phrase,URL)

* Microsoft - Bing Translation
Over 35 online languages (with Auto Detect)
An encyclopedic reference cataloging all of the world's
6,912 known living languages. Maps, statistics,
language names, etc.

Yahoo - Babel Fish
Over 16 online languages

Your Name in Hawaiian  Hawaiian Words
Hawaiian Dictionary

- Search for 'translation languages online'
Pirate Talk and Sailor Terminology
Please remember: Language translation is extremely difficult, as the meaning of words and phrases often depends on the context and specialized knowledge of the domain area or culture. Sentence structures and grammatical rules vary significantly between two languages, which adds to the complexity of the translation challenge. Currently, it still requires human skills to translate sentences without errors. The quality of today's most advanced translation software is well below the accuracy and fluency of a professional translator, and many sentences are simply not understandable. Researchers are continuously working on improvements, but it may be many years before high quality translation can be consistently offered by a computer. For this reason, some services display both the original text and its translation, anticipating that you will find it easier to understand the translation and to compare it with the original content if needed.


Sign Language Websites:

Sign Language from

The ASL Browser from presents videos
of American Sign Language signs in action, plus written explanations
of how the signs are formed.

Deafness.about.comHandspeak - Sign Language
Handspeak - American Sign Language  Online
Lifeprint - American Sign Language

- Search for 'Sign Language'

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Science, Reference,& Education:

(How-Things-Work, Reference, Science Sites)

(History, Quotes, Atlases, Encyclopedias, etc)
* Discovery's - Education Center Online

Benzishoreslibrary - Internet Resource List

The Bio Motion Human Walker
* How Stuff

Homework Hotline
(Math, History, Biology, History, Language, and more)

The Human Anatomy Online
* Library Spot
(Great starting place for almost anything)

Lets Talk Science

PBS - Teachers Store

Periodic (Chemical) Table of Elements

The Wooden Periodic Table Of Elements
(Check it out - Turn some of the tiles over)

Science Fair Projects
(Science Fair Projects with Instructions)

Science Fairs Happening Worldwide
(Science Fairs Nationally and Internationally)

The Internet Archive - (WayBack Machine)
(Texts, audio, moving pictures, archived web pages from the past)

The Size of Our World

(View our world visually from a variety of perspectives)

Students work in teams to build innovative and
educational websites to share with the world.
Sponsored by the Oracle Education Foundation,
ThinkQuest offers a unique project-based learning
experience to students and teachers across the globe

(Directory of Species - Sister Proj to Wikipedia)
(Learning Resources, projects, research, open
educational projects)

Boiler Plate - The Real Mechanical (1893) Robot
(Read about Boiler Plate the mechanical robot and Teddy Roosevelt)

Other Areas of Interest:
Science, Technology, Education


NASA - Main Site
* Hubble Telescope - Main Page
News, Science, Technology, SpaceViews, NightSky

* See our Hiking - Walking - Rail Trail - Biking , Nature
Camping, and Astronomy Information Links Page

also for even more Astronomy Links.

* PBS - Public Broadcasting Service Homepage
Guinness World Book of Records
* Modern Mechanix updated
(See proposals for inventions from years ago)

* NPR - National Public Radio

* A Prairie Home Companion
with Garrison Keillor

* National Geographic.Com

Life Magazine Photo Archive
Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo
archive, stretching from the 1750s to today.
Hosted by Google

The Einstein Papers Project
The Nobel Prize Organization
(Nobel Peace Prize Organization)

Find out and look up information about inventions,
inventors, timelines, patents, etc

Inventions -
Inventions -
Inventions -
National Inventors Hall of Fame NIHF
*National Inventors Fraud Center
Sue LeBeaus Links of Inventors/Inventions/Scientists

* The US Patent and Trademark Office

* Google Patent Search

Please help save energy - Turn off the lights by moving your mouse off the Monument when done. Thanks!

Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)
DeCordova Museum and Sculptor Park
(Lincoln Ma)
Worcester Art Museum
Norman Rockwell Museum

Boston Museum of Science (MOS)
Hands on Science Centers Worldwide
Museum - USA
Museums in Massachusetts
Museums in the United States
Museums in the World
Musee - 37,00 Museums Worldwide
ICOM - Int'l Concil of Museums Worldwide

American Association of Museums (AAM)
** Find a Museum by type, name, etc  Nationally or Worldwide

** American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA)
Become a member and get entry into hundreds of Zoos,
Aquariums, and Museums (Science and Art) at discounted
rates or free.

Find an AZA accredited Zoo or Aquarium Nationally or worldwide

Art Cyclopedia - Art Museums Worldwide
(Art news, Art Museums, Links)

Virtual Libraries Museums Pages
(Directory of online museums around the world)

Worldwide Art Resources
(Art news, Art history, Portfolios)


(Jump to our Travel page)

* See our Map Sites section also
 (on this page for locations, directions, Ariel Views etc)

Major Airports - (Worldwide)
Major Airlines - (Worldwide)
Hotel Listings - (Worldwide)
Roadways - (HighwayTraffic/Travel Related info)
Gasoline Related Issues
Fastlane & EZ-Pass (Highway Systems)
Airport Shuttles and Limousines
Travel Advisory and Warning Sites
Useful Travel Health and Travel Tips
Travel Visa's and Passports
Subway, Train, Bus, & Mass Transit Links - (Worldwide)
 (Read what others are saying about travel, travel products, sites, etc.)

Discount/Value Travel Sites:
Click here and lookup more discount values - on our Travel Page
- Search for 'Discount Travel'
AAA Travel


  Please help save energy - Turn off the lights by moving your mouse off the Monument when done. Thanks! 
Other Museum, Zoo, and Aquarium Links to see:
(Museums, Zoo's, Aquariums, etc)

* Visit our Art Museums, Art, and Artists Section on
our Entertainment Page for a large list of Art museums, Artist Links etc around the world

* Visit our Zoo, and Aquarium Information Links Page. Find links and maps for (Hiking, Walking, Rail  Trails, and  Bicycling). Find useful information and links about Birds, Tree's, Flowers, Insects, Astronomy, Zoo's, and Aquariums'. Locate Campgrounds, Park Services, and Botanical Gardens Nationally and Worldwide by clicking on the link above.
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Useful Online

Roman Numeral Converter
* Online (Convert almost anything to anything)
Metric Conversions (Temp, Distance, lots more)

Martindalecenter Calculators - Online
Contains over "23,605" Calculators & Spreadsheets,
over "3,460" Courses/Lectures/Manuals/Handbooks,
& "1,000's" of Movies,Videos,Simulations, & Animations.

Worldwide Metric Conversions(Temp, Distance,Area etc)
CSG(Slow, lots of Calculators - see Bottom of page for menus) popup

Martindales - Calculators Online
(Currently over 22,065 Calculators)

Astronomy Calculator
(Moon Phases, Planet Eclipses, Meteor Showers)
* * RapidTable Conversions - Convert almost anything
(Convert Numbers, etc)

The Math Archive
(Various www resources on Mathematics organized by topics)

(Jump to our Restaurants page now)

Find Restaurants - (Worldwide)
Read Restaurant Reviews
Specialty Interest
Fast Food - Drive Thru
General (All Cuisines) Restaurants
Sit Down Food (Breakfast/Lunch/or Dinner)
Specialty Food - (Lunch/Dinner/Entertainment)
Specialty Interest - (Tea Rooms - Worldwide)
Coffee Pastry - Breakfast/Brunch/and Lunch Eateries 



Leading Name Banks & Credit Unions
Bank of America
Camden National Bank
Citizens Bank
Northfield Savings Bank
Sovereign Bank
TD Bank North
DCU - Digital Credit Union
Grafton Suburban Credit Union
St. Marys Credit Union

Internet Only Banks
ING Direct (Internet)

Bank and Credit Union - Lookups Worldwide

123 World - Bank Directory Worldwide
Active Internet - Banks Worldwide
* U.S Banks on the Internet
* U.S Credit Unions on the Internet
* Quazells - Banks of the World

* US Bank Profiles
- Search for 'Banks Worldwide'

Stocks, Mutual Funds, Etc:

Stock Markets - Mutual Funds - Planning - Etc

Google Finance - Stock Info
Fidelity - Stock Watch
MSN Money
Bloomberg - Mutual Fund Center
Stock Market talk from investors
Yahoo Finance - Market Watch

Escape Artist Stock Exchanges Of The World A-Z
Major World Indices - Yahoo! Finance
Stock Exchanges Worldwide World Indexes

Exchange Rates and Currency Converters

Bloomberg Currency Calculator
CNTraveler Tool Kit - Currency Convertor
Universal Currency Converter
Yahoo Finance - Currency Convertor
(Very Good)

Other Miscellaneous and Useful Links
US Federal Reserve Bank Listings
US Bureau of Engraving and Printing
(for US currency Info)
United States Mint
(for US coin Info)
* Mints of the World
(Alphabetical Listing by Country, Addresses, Links, Phone, etc)

* - World Currency Gallery
(View pics of currency from all around the world)

Collecting - Numismatics
(The study or collecting of coins, medals, paper money etc.)

Numismatics - Links and Info. for Coins and Paper Money
(Visit this incredibly informative and useful page)

Company Profiles and Histories

Reference for Business
Encyclopedia Small Businesses, Businesses, Biographies, Business Plans,
American Industries, Management, Company Histories, Reference for Business, and more

Company Histories
Reference for Business

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Say  -  C  h  e  e  s  e  !
Just For Fun !
Hey They're Working Again...
Doc's Age Calculator updated
Financial Calculators and Mortgage Calculators
Loan Amortization Calculator
Doc's Astrological & Chinese Sign Calculator updated
(Conversion Tables/Metric Conversion/Etc)
Doc's Date Differences Calculator
(See differences in Days,Weeks,Months,Years,etc)
Doc's Gasoline Usage Calculator
* Doc's Area Equivalents Calculator
(Convert Sq Ft to Acres, Sq Miles to Acres, etc)
* * RapidTable Conversions - Convert almost anything
(Convert Numbers, etc)

* Your Name in Hawaiian


* The Easter Egg Hunt
TV Shows, Movies, Computer Games, Music, Books, Art
most of them are here, click here and find out.

* The Human Clock
Hilarious pictures of people/objects posing for the current time

Fosfor Gadgets - Funny New & Odd Gadgets

Dead People Server
Sounds Odd - find out if Celebs dead/alive & what they're up to

Find a Grave
Odd Still - look into where some famous people are buried

Fridge Watchers
(See what people a keeping in the refrigerators worldwide)

Official Site of Punxsutawney Phil
 Visit the official website of Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog
and the Groundhog Club.

The worlds most photographed squirrel

* Think Geek
Fun Stuff for smart masses - What's New, Gadgets, Apparel

The Virtual Cave
Learn about the world of caves through this wonderful virtual site

* - Search for 'Chalk Art'
Unbelievable 3D art renderings done in chalk on sidewalks

* The Darwin Awards updated

People who significantly improve the gene pool by eliminating themselves from the human race in an obviously stupid way. They are self-selected examples of the dangers inherent in a lack of common sense, and all human races, cultures, and  socioeconomic groups. In short see some of the most ridiculous things some humans have gotten themselves into or attempted. See why the Darwin awards became such a popular book.


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Other Leading Brands & Specialty Stores

Technology Shopping

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Wholesale & Discount Stores

Shipping and Tracking Service Locator

For-Sale Ad's e.g Craigs List (Nationwide)
FreeCycle Sites (Nationwide)
Flea Market Locations Listings (Nationwide)

Registry of Motor Vehicles DMV
 All 50 States (Lookup)

Why Here? - Why not !

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Gift Ideas by Years Married
Can't think what to get a couple for their 12th wedding Anniversary
for example click here and find out.

Birthstones and Flowers

Birthstones and Flowers by Birthdate
What birthstone or flower was that that goes with June?
click here and find out.

% Percentages:  Discount Calculators, Etc %

OK admit it, we all could use a little help sometimes
remembering and figuring out percentage costs and formulas for
discounts, prices, taxes, etc. Need some help?
Click here and visit the Discount Calculators portion
of our Shopping Page

* Are You a Consumer?
Do You Have potential Consumer Fraud issues or
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* See our Consumer Fraud Reporting Sites on our
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