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Date Differences Calculator

What is your current age in seconds?, In minutes?, Hours?, Days?  No idea !

Use this date difference Calculator to find out. Or try this: How much time has elapsed since the declaration of independence (on July 4th, 1776)? You can use this calculator to calculate the elapsed time between any two dates A.D.

On October 4th, 1582 the current Gregorian calendar system, replacing the Julian calendar system, was introduced by Pope Gregory the 13th (hence the name Gregorian). The British Empire (including what is now the eastern United States), only introduced the current calendar system on September 14th, 1752. Russia took even longer and implemented it after the October revolution in 1917, which actually happened in November according to the rest of the world.

The date difference calculator works with JavaScript and only works correctly for dates A.D. In the Gregorian calendar system years divisible by 100 are not leap years except when divisible by 400 (e.g - 1600 and 2000 are leap years, but 1900 and 2100 are not). In the Julian calendar system leap years were every 4 years regardless.


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Gregorian Calendar after :
Check out the related Weekday Calculator which also calculates lunar age. There is also a live countdown clock which can count down to a date in the future or show the time elapsed since a date in the past on the 7is7 site.

Written by Otto de Voogd in Javascript

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