The following was extracted from a former ARM webpage which is no longer available on the Internet (2008), it is not known if the data will be available in the future. It is provided here only to give access to those who may require access to the data (e.g - Automotive Recycler Assoc - Association Websites Links below) and still find it helpful.

Please contact either ARM or Automotive Recycler Assoc for further updates on their websites (see below).

A.R.M - Home Page
Automotive Recycler Assoc A.R.A - Home Page

Auction Websites

Industry Related Magazines & Publications

Auto Repairables Magazine
American Salvage Pool Association
American Recycler
Auto and Truck Parts Finder
Collision Week
Power Source
Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
Waste News

Regulatory & Legislative Websites

Environmental Compliance for Automotive Recyclers
Environmental Protection Agency
Coordinating Committee For Automotive Repair
Occupational Safety & Health Administration
US Government's Official Web Portal
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Resources
Salvage Title & Reinspection Information
House and Senate Bills
Massachusetts Registry Of Motor Vehicles
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Online Forms
Department of Industrial Accidents Information Portal

Automotive Recycler Association
*** Association Website Links:  ***

Assoc Name

Site Link

Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA)
ARA of New York
ARA of Rhode Island
Alberta Automotive Recyclers & Dismantlers Association
Arizona Automotive Recyclers Association
Arkansas Automotive Dismantlers & Recyclers Association
Automotive Recyclers of Manitoba
Automotive Recyclers of Michigan
Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia
Carolina Auto Recyclers Association
Concerned Auto Recyclers of Wisconsin
Colorado Automotive Recyclers Association
Florida Automotive Dismantlers & Recyclers Association
Georgia Automotive Recycling Association (GARA)
Iowa Automotive Recyclers
Kentucky Auto & Truck Recyclers Association
Ontario Auto Recyclers Association
Ohio Auto & Truck Recyclers Association
Parts Group Australia Pty., Ltd.
Pennsylvania Automotive Recycling Trade Society (PARTS)
State of California Auto Dismantlers Association

Special Interest Websites

Steel Recycling Institute
Towman's Network

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